Welcome friends!

And yes, I consider you a friend.

I have always envisioned a space where all women on the TTC journey can get vulnerable with each other, share fears and successes openly, like B.F.Fs.

And there are few things more vulnerable than opening up about fertility.

As the creator of the Practically Fertile™ Methodology for fertility and hormone balance, I get it.

I mean, I really get it.

I'm not just a proponent of Chinese medicine and a licensed acupuncturist. When the lights in my office turn off, I'm a wife, and now a mom.

I also struggled with the sometimes murky equations of hormones, PCOS, and fertility answers.

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I want to join hands with you and walk together out of the cloudy isolation that less than ideal fertility tends to bring with it.

Together, we'll share the often scary emotions.

And like any good friends, we'll also share the hope and excitement that my methodology brings.

And, listen, we can even chat about our favorite wines (spoiler alert: Oregon pinot noir for me, please) and snacks (Goldfish, yes?) to binge watch Netflix with.

My approach to fertility is fueled by passion, education, and advocacy. I believe that all women are fertile, it’s just a matter of figuring out where the blockages are.

I'm a board certified fertility acupuncture specialist (ABORM) and a Certified Integrative Fertility Coach with more than a decade of experience.

I know that when you're ready for a baby, you. are. ready. for. a. baby.

Let's dive in together to achieve fertility and balance in this next season of life.




Joanna W Says:

“So excited to share some big news, after over a year of trying we got our first BFP!! I am almost 6 weeks pregnant . While I think our issue may have been mainly male factor, he made some lifestyle changes based on your recommendation. And almost exactly 3 months after these changes here we are!
Over the last several months I noticed improvements with my digestion and my cycle as I slowly implemented the changes from the program, so I am sure that all helped get my body ready once the right sperm came along! Thank you!”

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Ways to Learn From Me

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