AVA Bracelets Is In the House!

WOW WOW WOW beautiful fertile friends…

This was a SUPER COOL interview for me. I don’t get “starstruck” easily… but when I meet a woman who’s working with a powerhouse company to help other women get pregnant—well consider me smitten.

As her role as the Chief Content Editor for Ava Braceletsthe same ovulation bracelet that Jenna Kutcher from the Goal Digger Podcast swears by—my guest Lindsay Meisel lives, eats and breathes fertility and pregnancy day in and day out.

But she’s also experienced issues TTC due to irregular periods herself. So yep, this gal gets it.

On today’s episode of How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant Podcast( I’m going all in with Lindsay to ask her REAL questions about using Ava. You’ll listen to…

-----> Me asking about the science, accuracy and results for women using Ava—because HELLO, just because it’s cute, doesn’t mean it works. So does it?

-----> Lindsay and I talk about… and freaking dispel… some of the most common myths surrounding F E R T I L I T Y.

-----> A favorite topic of both of ours that we get to sink our teeth into together.

-----> And I ask her YOUR QUESTIONS such as nailing down the ovulation window, Ava Vs Tracking your BBT and more.

Oh, and did I mention a coupon for money off your Ava bracelet just for tuning in? YEP, she’s tossing coupon codes like confetti—but you have to stay around until the end to get it.

Listen to the entire episode now:


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