How To Use Our Greatest Gift as Woman To Get Pregnant - With Holly Hughes

If you’ve spent any amount of time tickling your earbuds to the How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant Podcast, then you KNOW I’m all about the straightforward-tell-you-like-it-is-facts.

I don’t fluff… and I don’t overly WOO—so if I’m saying we’re getting a little “woo” today, then trust me… IT’S WORTH IT!

On today’s episode of the How to Get Pregnant and Get Healthy Podcast, I’m bringing you one of *my favorite* interviews to date with my good friend, intuitive healer AND best-selling author, Holly Hughes.

She knows a thing or two about the heartbreaking journey of TTC but owning her innate strength throughout it all.

You’ll listen to… and I think fall IN LOVE WITH… Holly’s story as we discuss…

-----> The disconnect from our bodies that women experience when we lose faith in our bodies’ ability to produce a baby. (And how that works against us + our goals of growing a family.)

-----> How FEAR is really just “False Advertising Appearing Real” (Holly’s words and um, hello, how true is that?!

-----> And finally, the tried-and-true steps you need to take RIGHT NOW to reconnect with your body, regain trust in yourself, and allow it to guide you through the journey of TTC. (Oh, and Holly shares two letters to start writing TODAY.)

Grab your coffee, a glass of water, or heck, even a glass of wine and settle into place to truly enjoy and invest in this episode.

Listen, I can already see some of you rolling your eyes to the back of your heads and thinking “Adrienne, how is anything woo-woo going to get me pregnant?”

Well, if you ask me, our GREATEST GIFT AS A WOMAN isn’t carrying a child… it’s having the ability to acknowledge, respect and use our intuition. And if you aren’t willing to tap into THAT… then you’re shutting down all of the other incredible gifts we have as women.

And that includes carrying a child.

So, there’s WOO WOO… and then there’s WOO-RIGHT… and THIS is WOO-RIGHT. My goal is to get you pregnant—and if that’s yours too, then take a moment to think outside of the box you’ve put fertility, pregnancy and a baby in.

Who knows… you may just find exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Listen here:


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