5 BIGGEST Mistakes About Money That Could Be Holding You Back From Getting Pregnant

Today I have a guest for my episode, Devon Baeza, Life coach and fertility finance coach.

That’s pretty interesting right?  She’s not just a life coach she is a fertility finance coach.

I totally understand that during the TTC process, your biggest fear is that no matter what you do, you won’t be able to get pregnant. And it’s exactly this fear that drives your decision making.  

For example, because of this fear, some of you choose to do nothing.  But some of you do too much because you’re are convinced that what is holding you back from getting pregnant are things like diet, timing of intercourse, lifestyle...and you’re sure there is that ONE thing you’re missing.  

But you rarely think about how your mindset about how money ties into all of this, and that your beliefs about money could be holding you back from getting pregnant. And I’m not just talking about coming up with cold hard cash for an IUI and IVF.  

In this episode, Devon talks to us about the five biggest mistakes you’re making when it comes to money that could be holding you back from getting pregnant.

Devon also has a super cool freebie for all of you, it’s 15 ways to come up with money for fertility procedures that you didn’t know about.  

To download this just go to devonbaeza.com.  


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