Overcoming 5 Miscarriages and Now Pregnan

One of the biggest fears you all have is working really hard to get pregnant and then end up miscarrying...

...well how about miscarrying 5 times.

Five losses and top of that you’ve been told IVF is your only option.

How do you recover from that...how do you pick up the pieces after each loss and keep going... to have enough faith in your body that it’s going to be able to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Today, I bring the incredible story of Laurie.

She is someone who suffered 5 miscarriages before finally getting pregnant and is now 15 weeks along.

You’re going to hear about her ups and downs on her journey, the actions she took both holistic and medical, and what finally tipped the scale and made the biggest difference for her

I will give you a huge hint, it’s not a miracle pill or a magical diet.  

I can’t wait for you to listen to Laurie’s story because I know it’s going to inspire so many of you, and give you the hope that yes you can get pregnant against all odds.


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