A Fertile Body and a Fertile Mind Starts Here.

I know you’ve dreamed and planned…

Creative ways to surprise your husband with a stick that shows two lines

How to announce your pregnancy on Facebook

How to reveal the gender of the baby

How to decorate the nursery

Where to buy cute maternity clothes

And what your parenting style would be

But there’s that sinking feeling…

every month when there’s only one line on the stick, or a “not pregnant”

You start to wonder if you have what it takes

and if you’re doing something wrong.

But Friends,

There is a lot of confusing information..

it’s hard to know who to listen to or where to start.

I want you to know that it’s not your fault.  It can be overwhelming.

And if you’ve ever thought that there’s a chance that you may never get pregnant,

I want to put that fear to rest right now because it’s not true.

 You just need the right person to show you how.

That’s where I come in.

While I would love for you to join me inside one of my programs where I could provide hands-on guidance, I know that some of you are not ready to take the plunge.

That is why I’ve created numerous free resources to help you get started in cutting out all the noise on the internet and start zoning in on what really matters.

And when you’ve gone as far as you could with the freebies, you can learn more about my online programs here.

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Katarina M. says…

“I believe getting my cycle right and understanding my patterns according to TCM were game changers for my health! I think I’ve learned more about the female cycle than ever before ( which is crazy! Why aren’t you women educated in school about their bodies?!)

It didn’t happen overnight but all small improvements and changes worked for us!”


Free Mini-Course

The Secret Ingredient To Getting Pregnant

Doesn’t it seem like you’re trying every.single.thing out there but NOTHING is working? You can’t help but wonder what the missing link could be. In this free course, you'll finally get answers. You’ll learn a game-changing approach and the secret ingredient to getting pregnant that you likely didn't know about.

How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant

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Why am I not pregnant yet? How do I chart my body temperature? What foods should I be eating? How do I know if I'm ovulating? When is the best time to do the baby dance? These are all the questions swimming in your head if you're a woman who is trying to get pregnant. And let's face it, the internet is a crowded place for fertility information. It can be overwhelming and confusing. You don't have to sort through all of it on your own. Join me each week as we walk through the fertility information jungle together and discover exactly what you need to zone in on to get pregnant.

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Private Facebook Group

Join thousands of other women who are on the trying-to-conceive journey in a safe space I have created for you.

This group is for you if:
- you are interested in learning about Chinese medicine and how it can help you get pregnant.
- you’re tired of sorting through all the information on your own and you want guidance on the right types of actions to take.
- you want to share your struggles and get advice without judgment but you’re also an action taker.