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I’m beyond excited that you’ve decided to join the Club. Maybe you’re new to all this and just want to learn how Chinese medicine can help you. Or maybe you’re ready to join The Fertile Period Lab and take the next steps necessary to get pregnant. Wherever you are on your journey, there is something for everyone here.

“Every woman is practically fertile”

— Adrienne Wei, L.Ac, Integrative Fertility Expert

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Called How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant. I invite you to join me every week as I help you navigate the fertility information jungle. I will share tips and tricks on how to boost fertility using an integration of Chinese medicine and modern functional medicine. Listen in on inspiring interviews from women who “have been there.” You won’t find “rah-rah” motivation or fluff here.


Facebook Group

Different from a peer-led Facebook group where misinformation spreads like wild fire and leads to further overwhelm and confusion. Inside this group with the same name as the podcast, you can expect to find thousands of women sharing their knowledge, leaning on each other for support, and my team and I moderating the conversation to ensure integrity of the information being shared.



Ever wondered why it seems like you're trying everything but you can't get off the hamster wheel? In this free course, you're going to finally understand the true obstacles that are standing in your way; learn a game-changing approach and the secret ingredient to getting pregnant that you likely didn't know about. Inside this mini-course, you’ll also get a chance to see if my teaching style jives with you.


Carolyn Q. Says:

"I wanted you to be the first to know... You’ve changed my life in so many ways. Your program made me a happier fertile woman, and a healthier female than I could have ever imagined I would be. I am so forever grateful for your tools and all of your help. They told me this cycle wouldn’t work. They refused to give me meds, and scolded me for my cyst. But guess what! My healthy fertile body proved them wrong! I am so excited to be a success story from your program! I am forever grateful!”

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Online Programs

While the internet is great, it also makes the fertility journey incredibly overwhelming. Rumors spread. You’re not sure what’s effective anymore.

Our programs are created based on the Practically Fertile™ Methodology to fit every budget, teaching you the what, why and HOW of getting pregnant.

Join hundreds of other women who are already learning these powerful methods and applying every necessary practice to give their bodies the reset and best possible chance at getting & maintaining pregnancy.

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Two Elephants

Fertility Enhancing Supplements Simplified.

Say “goodbye” to your pill box. Less is more these days.

Thanks to Dr. Google and Amazon Prime (which we confess, we can’t live without,) seems like everyone wants to sell you something that promises a baby. Before you know it, you’re popping so many supplements each day, like an 80-year old lady with her pills.

We, a team of Fertility Experts have developed a collection of supplements designed to simplify your daily routine and supercharge your fertility.

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