Start your journey towards getting pregnant by becoming the most fertile version of yourself with one of my programs


In the beginning, you weren’t thinking that you needed an instructional manual. It seemed so obvious…you have sex and “boom!”

This is why I created my suite of online programs to help those of you who need a little extra help in figuring out the exact steps you need to take to get pregnant.

Together, let’s start over and approach fertility with the proven methods you deserve to know.

Check out everything I have created below. There's a program for every mama-to-be and every budget.

Practically Fertile® Quick-Wins Workshop Series

These masterclasses are great for you if you’re not ready to plunge into the full program, but want to start taking the right types of action towards becoming fertile and getting pregnant.


Reset and Jumpstart Your Fertility ($39)


Acupressure for IVF Success (Coming Soon)

Signature Programs

These are the Cadillacs of all of our programs. This is where the magic happens my friends.

The Fertile Period Lab (and also available for PCOS) is our signature program that teaches you the what, why, and HOW of how of achieving a fertile cycle and ultimately getting pregnant using the Practically Fertile® Methodology. Inside the program, you’ll take action to implement what you already may know, and what you’ll learn. No fluff!


The Fertile Period Lab


The Fertile Period Lab For PCOS


Bianca M Says:

“I had suffered two early miscarriages between September 2017 & December 2018. I felt completely distraught and utterly alone. I signed up for the Fertile Period Lab in February 2019 where I followed the supplement, mindset, exercise, and especially the food modules and guidelines.

I began to really notice a difference in my mood and overall health, and I felt really, really positive moving forward to try to get pregnant again after following the protocol for 4 months. On our first try, I got pregnant with my little babes in mid-June and I am about 9 weeks along right now.

Adrienne’s program, I believe, was an essential factor in helping me get pregnant. It is so impeccably done with so, so much information to guide women on the best, healthiest plan to get pregnant.

Thank you, Adrienne, I needed the guidance, the group coaching calls, the pick-me-ups, and the community of women so that I could be successful. I look forward to what the future will bring.”

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Whitney G. Says:

“Your program has given me hope and pulled me out of the kitchen sink method (I didn't even know I was in this method) into a real strategy, on month 3 of your program I have had the first period that I did not need pain medication in years! There are so many other things I have noticed...digestive regularity, mental confidence, weight regularity, and I know there will be so much more!”

Got Questions?

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